Random Encounters

Ezine and Gamer Resource for Springfield, Mo Area Gamers


To your source for all things GAMING! Random Encounters is an online EZine dedicated to the joys of the gaming hobby in all its forms. Whether you like cardgames, dice games, Electronic gaming, RPGs, or LARPing, Random Encounters is the place you want to be.

Within the cyber-walls of this hall, you will find links to Gaming Events, Contests, Web-comics, LFG listings, and eventually many gaming resources for various systems. I also plan to eventually develop some web based games/apps that will be made available here as well.

I've recently added both a Book and Game Review page to the website. It is always difficult deciding what new game to add to one's collection, but hopefully, with my game reviews in mind, you can better decide if you want to pick up that new or even old game off the shelfs. As for the book reviews. Let's face it, gamers are also avid readers of sci-fi and fantasy novels and we use them to inspire our own game designs and scenarios for role-playing purposes. This being the case, I will be reviewing some of the books I'm reading currently to help you pick that next novel or series to check out. Finally, I've also added a link on the menu to 417Entertainment's gaming Calendar as another resource for finding those gaming events. Just in case I might miss one or two, hopefully they will catch them.

Remember, in the words of Wil Wheaton, wherever you are, whatever you do, PLAY MORE GAMES!